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If you have a tree that needs to be removed from your property, rely on The Tree Monkey. We have provided tree felling services on the Central Coast for the past 12 years. No matter the size or location of your tree, we can remove it safely.

Our technicians are chosen for their years of experience and are rigorously trained in safety protocols; however, we understand that accidents happen. So for your peace of mind, we carry $20 million public liability insurance to protect you in the case of an incident.

Throughout our many years of experience, we have developed lasting relationships with our clients. We aim to give back to the community through our honest work and environmentally friendly practices. Learn more about our business ethic and tree felling services below.

Sustainable Practices

The Tree Monkey is passionate about using sustainable solutions for removing trees. That’s why we have founded the Renewable Sustainable Resources Foundation. This non-profit organisation gives back to the planet by promoting eco-friendly objectives and donating to major environmental organisations, such as the Waves of Water.

How It Works

When you hire us, you benefit our natural environment by funding the Renewable Sustainable Resources Foundation. The way this works is that rather than charge a GST on our services, we use a portion of your payment to promote renewable resources.

As a client, you join us in doing our part to restore and preserve Earth’s precious resources.


We strive to make our services as cost effective as possible. In addition to setting affordable rates, we also offer seasonal specials. During the spring, we offer a 10% discount on all tree pruning services. In the fall, we deliver mulch for half the usual price. Call us today to learn more about our specials and to schedule a visit. 
Our tree felling services on the Central Coast
There are many reasons a tree might need to be removed. The most urgent reason is if it is proving to be a hazard to the people and property surrounding it, such as if it is in danger of falling or if those around it are allergic to that particular species of tree.
tree branch being chopped
Another reason may be if the tree has become too diseased to be saved, has become hollow or has completely died, has rot or fungus or if the root system is starting to disrupt building foundations nearby.

Crane work

For large or hard-to-reach trees, we use a crane. Each technician is certified and skilled in crane work for pruning or removing trees. We take work safety very seriously during all of our work, but even more so when using a crane. We make sure that the property and people around the project site are well protected.

Emergency work

tree with three branches
If a tree falls or has suddenly become a danger to your home or to your safety, give us a call and we will come out immediately.  We can also be there for you in the event that you require clean up after a storm. 

We provide storm clean up

Give The Tree Monkey a call for a free estimate on any tree project you might have in the Central Coast region.
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