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There’s no doubt that trees are beautiful and add flair to a home. But dangerous trees can outweigh their beauty. It is important to assess their state regularly or have an expert do so for you. It can be dangerous to handle your own tree pruning or removal projects, so call The Tree Monkey when you need tree services done on the Central Coast.
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Prevent Damage and Disaster

There are multiple aspects to consider when preventing danger and damage to the family and family home. Here are some examples:
  • When the trees on your property grow too large, they pose a threat to your home and other belongings.
  • If a tree is too close to your house, it could do a lot of damage if limbs break off during a storm.
  • Trees can also cause problems if they come into contact with overhead power lines or if heavy limbs land on vehicles or outdoor furniture.
Professionals from The Tree Monkey can ensure that your trees are trimmed properly. This service is very important to maintain the health of the trees and ensure that they don’t cause damage to surrounding objects.

We can also remove trees and palms that are too old, diseased or in the way for a construction project. After the removal, we can grind the stumps below the surface, allowing you to replant in its place and avoid trip hazards and homes for unwanted pests.

Take Care of Our Environment

The Tree Monkey has provided quality tree services on the Central Coast for over 12 years, and we are proud and happy to do so. We understand that trees are a valuable part of the eco-system, so we strive to use as many renewable resources as possible and provide sustainable solutions for all our tree-disposal projects. We turn pruned branches into mulch that can be re-used in yards and gardens and make firewood out of the timber. On top of this we also encourage owners to utilise slabbed timber that we create for construction and furniture.

For more information about The Tree Monkey and the tree services we offer, call us on 0420 300 211. You can also fill out our online contact form for a free quote. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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Get all your tree servicing needs completed and out of the way with The Tree Monkey team of experts. 
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